Who is Selling Confidence™ for? 

Who is Selling Confidence™ designed for?

It’s designed for two types of people:

1. “I’m not a salesperson” people.

Primarily, Selling Confidence™ was designed to help those who lack confidence and don’t think they can sell, to sell.

Selling is a learnable skill, but many of the salespeople you encounter in the real world and online make a bad job of it. They are pushy, greedy, selfish and use tactics to close the deal.

Selling Confidence™ is about good communication and finding a connection point. It’s about finding those who need you offering, communicating your value to them and then concluding with a sale.

If you lack confidence when selling, if you fear, hate or avoid it – then Selling Confidence™ was designed for you.

2. Those looking to improve their skills.

As well as lacking confidence, there are those who simply want to learn how to sell and how to navigate certain situations.

Many people want to learn how to sell but are perhaps deterred by the overly aggressive and materialistic portrayals of selling in popular culture.

The aggressive stereotypes we see are misleading and are the reason selling has such a bad reputation- you only have to look at a google image search of a salesperson to understand the negative stereotype.

So that’s it, Selling Confidence™  was designed for two types of people- those who lack confidence when selling and those who want to learn how to sell but don’t resonate with the aggressive and materialistic portrayals of what it means to sell.

Still not sure? find out if it’s right for you here.

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Your questions. Answered.

Selling Confidence™ first and foremost is an in the moment sales support tool. It’s also a learning resource that you can call upon to learn about selling in a non-urgent environment. Selling Confidence™ is action focussed- it's designed to be used in the moment to help with situations as they arise, it's not a linear online course. Find out more here.

Selling Confidence™ was created by James Newell, founder of Clear Sales Message and author of Understand Your Buyer. Find out more about James here.

Selling Confidence™ provides step by step sales support to help you when you are in a selling situation. The moment the selling situation stops or you don’t know what to do or say, it’s time to use Selling Confidence™. It works like a troubleshooting guide, providing the ideas, structure and inspiration you need in that very moment to move forwards. Find out more here.

Selling Confidence™ is primarily designed for “I’m not a salesperson” people. That said, it can be used by anyone in any industry selling anything because everything is principle based. Wherever you are. Whatever your sales ability. Selling Confidence™ can help. Find out more here.

Selling Confidence™ is a one-time cost for an exponential return. This isn't a book, a static course or a selection of theories. This is an actionable tool designed to help you find more clients, engage more clients and close more clients. Selling Confidence™ has been developed over many years and the approaches it teaches get real-world results for our 1:1 clients every minute of every day. We know it works, but as a newcomer, you may not know just how powerful (and simple) it is. Find out more here.

People join for 2 reasons:
  • Lack of confidence – they want to feel more confident when selling.
  • Lack of performance – they want to sell more.
There are a number of compelling reasons to join, but it comes back to those two. If you lack confidence when selling and or have a poor sales performance then you need Selling Confidence™ If you want 10 reasons to join  Selling Confidence™ then click here.

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