Hi! I’m James.

Hi I’m James Newell, founder of Selling Confidence.

I created the course in response to the numerous clients I worked with who needed help with selling.

It became clear that many people don’t know what to do or say when they are selling and it comes down to a lack of confidence and a lack of direction.

I left a 12-year corporate career to begin a sales consultancy which focussed on messaging- how to articulate what you sell, why your clients should care about your offering and how you differentiate from the competition.

Trading as Clear Sales Message I also wrote books and began making online courses to help my clients to communicate clearly and thus sell more.

If they don’t understand it. They can’t buy it. Became the Mantra for Clear Sales Message and something that resonated with my clients in the UK and across the world.

Using my 12 years of corporate selling experience and my experience running my sales consultancy Clear Sales Message – I set to create the ultimate resource to help anyone sell anything anywhere – focussed on confidence and communication.

I wanted a principle based system that was low pressure, based on communication and common sense – not techniques and trickery.

Thus Selling Confidence was born.

The name itself tells you who the course is for, what it might do and what to expect – and that’s the point.

I’m committed to your success and as such we continually update the course and solicit feature requests for anything the course may not cover.

I hope you enjoy the course, please contact us to share your feedback, successes or request features.

Here’s to helping you sell with confidence.

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