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    Selling Confidence™ first and foremost is an in the moment sales support tool. It’s also a learning resource that you can call upon to learn about selling in a non-urgent environment. Selling Confidence™ is action focussed- it's designed to be used in the moment to help with situations as they arise, it's not a linear online course. Find out more here.

    Selling Confidence™ was created by James Newell, founder of Clear Sales Message and author of Understand Your Buyer. Find out more about James here.

    Selling Confidence™ provides step by step sales support to help you when you are in a selling situation. The moment the selling situation stops or you don’t know what to do or say, it’s time to use Selling Confidence™. It works like a troubleshooting guide, providing the ideas, structure and inspiration you need in that very moment to move forwards. Find out more here.

    Selling Confidence™ is primarily designed for “I’m not a salesperson” people. That said, it can be used by anyone in any industry selling anything because everything is principle based. Wherever you are. Whatever your sales ability. Selling Confidence™ can help. Find out more here.

    Selling Confidence™ is a one-time cost for an exponential return. This isn't a book, a static course or a selection of theories. This is an actionable tool designed to help you find more clients, engage more clients and close more clients. Selling Confidence™ has been developed over many years and the approaches it teaches get real-world results for our 1:1 clients every minute of every day. We know it works, but as a newcomer, you may not know just how powerful (and simple) it is. Find out more here.

    People join for 2 reasons:
    • Lack of confidence – they want to feel more confident when selling.
    • Lack of performance – they want to sell more.
    There are a number of compelling reasons to join, but it comes back to those two. If you lack confidence when selling and or have a poor sales performance then you need Selling Confidence™ If you want 10 reasons to join  Selling Confidence™ then click here.

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